HamburgShanghai, 2006
《漢堡 · 上海》

When Hamburg and Shanghai celebrated the 20th anniversary of city partnership in 2006, I conceptualized a system of key visuals and media, including a trilingual web page and this comprehensive book mainly in Chinese and German and partly in English. It was quickly decided to focus on the harbours, being the lifeline and most prominent commonality to both cities. Hamburg-based photographers Nicole Keller and Oliver Schumacher provided a series of pictures blurring the distinction between the cities, shot during a ten-day session in Shanghai coached by me.

The illustrations are accompanied by a short story written by myself, The Simultaneous Flaneur, in which a first-person narrator experiences 24 hours in Hamburg and Shanghai at the same time, including the time gap.

Hamburg Liaison Office Shanghai (ed.), HamburgShanghai
Hamburg Liaison Office Shanghai, 2006