New collaboration with Type is Beautiful (China)

Since 2018, I am a contributor to iconic Chinese typography forum Type is Beautiful, a group of type experts mainly located in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan. Apart from their impressing online activities, they managed to write/translate and publish books, co-conduct seminars and events both in Asia and Europe and even produce type merchandise. The first result of our collaboration is part one of an article on the theory of transcultural type design and typography—aethestic, conceptual, and methodological approaches (original title: 《一次关于跨文化文字设计的讨论(一):审美、理念与思路》). The article is published in Chinese, however please note that an English version is under preparation and to follow soon.

At Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) for 12 months

From October 2018 until September 2019, I am a substitute professor of typography at Braunschweig University of Art (HBK). It feels truly great to have this opportunity. I am preparing a detailed record of these two semesters.

ATypI Antwerp

Glad to annouce I will once more be an ATypI speaker this year in Antwerp. My topic is Plantijn’s Biblia Polyglotta and Belgium from the perspective of multilingual typography. The talk will be held on Friday, September 14, 11:20, at Arenberg Theater. I can’t wait to be around and meet all those typeheads again. For those unable to come, I am sure videos of all presentations will be provided after the event.

Hong Kong Street Face 香港馬路體(港街黑)out on 3type

My typeface “Hong Kong Street Face”, the Chinese name being “香港馬路體” or “港街黑”, has now been released by 3type, a typical and atypical type foundry based in Shanghai, who offer a type-on-demand licensing model. Chinese font development being a very long and complex process, this practice eases the commercial aspects of a foundry, and helps at meking the fonts be used whereever needed.

946 Latin font family

My first large-scale font family, 946 Latin, a techno-style constructed sans-serif with 75 weights (a variation font soon to follow), is now available on Fontspring.

Workshops in Leipzig and Klaipėda

Life goes on! A one-day workshop on Latin-CJK typeface design is held at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts, class of type design (Prof. Stephan Müller) on January 23, 2018. A five-day multilingual lettering workshop is held at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Klaipeda Faculty, Lithuania, from March 12 to 16, 2018. The workshop is conducted by the CIRRUS Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education.

fount magazine 2 – connect

Yasemin Fakili and I wrote an article on cultural aspects of multilingual typography for fount magazine issue 2 – connect. You can order a copy at the fount shop.

3Type Type School, Shanghai

Under the motto “From Digit to Digital (从「指尖」到「数位」)”, the first ever Type School organized by Shanghai-based foundry 3type (三言) will take place in Shanghai from July 8 to 22, 2017. I am both delighted and proud of being part of the teaching team alongside Susanne Zippel, Georg Seifert, Zheng Chuyang (鄭初陽), Mira Ying (應寧) from Type is Beautiful, and many others.

Typodarium 2017 – out now

Hermann Schmidt Verlag, Mainz, recently published the 2017 version of legendary Typodarium, a tear-off calendar with a daily dose of fresh type specimen. You propably wouldn’t want to tear off these beautiful pages, though. This year, Typodarium was opened for Non-Latin entries, which is good news to me. It was an honor to be asked to submit three pages – April 7 (Frust, a new sans serif development), August 28 (Hong Kong Street Face 港街黑), and October 14 (AR Laowai Sung 文鼎老外宋). Better order your copy soon!