September 23, 2023: Typostammtisch Berlin

Join us for the 107th Typostammtisch Berlin, the most tradiotional type-related meetup in the capital! We will meet on September 23, 6 pm at the C*SPACE, Langhansstraße 86, 13086 Berlin, a wonderful and inspiring location founded by my besties Katja Hellkötter and Jan Siefke, who used to be my hosts whenever I was in Shanghai back in the day. The topic is „Asian Type & Typography“ with short presentations by Kimya Gandhi (Devanagari), Minjoo Ham (Hangeul), Yimeng Wu (Chinese), and myself (Cuneiform, an ancient Asian script, if you will).

Typodarium 2024

Typodarium 2024 has been released by Hermann Schmidt. It features two contributions by me, one in Chinese (Hong Kong Street Face) and the other in Akkadian (Times New Akkad). Typodarium—the ideal gift for all type lovers worldwide!

Ancient Oriental Studies

On July 14, I was honored to be a guest at the Seminar of Ancient Oriental Studies, Georg August University, Goettingen, for a presentation of the most recent progress with my ongoing Cuneiform font family project and research. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Annette Zgoll for the kind invitation! It was awesome to be around.

AtypI Paris