RomanType Pivnaya—a growing experimental multilingual font collection, 2019—
Available on Fontspring

Pivnaya is a display font collection published by Roman Type. Initially designed for a poster, the family quickly turned multi-script. In 2019, the global design community is busy celebrating the centennial of Bauhaus, silently triggering the question as to if or how the phenomenon matters in the lives we lead today, or whether it could rather be reduced to mere historic purposes. At that point, I found myself falling into the Bauhaus trap myself, preparing a typeface design workshop for a group of Lithuanian and Russian students. A typo made Google translate ‘Brauhaus’ (brewhouse) instead of ‘Bauhaus’. That is why I called this family Pivnaya in the end. The end of Bauhaus as we know it?

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Pivnaya Latin

Pivnaya Greek & Cyrillic

Pivnaya Arabic

Pivnaya Hebrew

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