Burg Giebichenstein College of Art and Design Halle (Saale), Germany
Winter Semester 2012/13

Title: Intercultural Typography –
Virtual Institute of Transcultural Visual Communication (Instance I)
Timeframe: 6 whole day sessions (lecture, discussion, practice) throughout the semester, year 3 and 4
Main question: How to formulate visual questions to ask the virtual institute?
Teaching language: German.
Works displayed here: Raphaela Buder, Sarah Trieschmann, Johannes Walenta, Lisa Clemen, Falko Walker, Manuel von Gebhardi, Karolin Chemnitz, Franziaks Kramp.
Host institution: Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle (Saale).

Raphaela Buder, multilingual visual identity approach for the virtual institute.

Sarah Trieschmann, Tagalog – a language of code mixing. Typographic video work.

Johannes Walenta and Lisa Clemen, collages.

Falko Walter, poster series.

Falko Walter, poster series and discussion-related mindmap.

Manuel von Gebhardi, typeface design (rich in diacritics) for the international office, Burg Giebichenstein.

Lisa Clemen, collages.

Karolin Chemnitz and Franziska Kramp, visual identity approaches for the virtual institute.