Instituto Polytéchnico de Macau, Escola Superior de Artes, September 2013

Title: Typography and Local Identity (字體與地道身份)
Timeframe: 2 weeks for 4 classes (year 2, year 3, year 4, graduate workshop)
Main question, year 2: What constitutes Macao’s visual identity?
How could typefaces representing Macao could look like?
Main question, year 3: What constitutes Macao’s visual identity?
What are the graphic patterns and symbols that make up the city?
Main question, year 4: What constitutes Macao’s visual identity?
How could a multilingual magazine representing the city could look like?
Teaching language: English, Putonghua.
Works displayed here: Stephen Chan, Candy Ao, Feng Chengman, Cheung In Fong and all the year 3 students.
Host institution: Instituto Polytécnico de Macau.

The exhibition space was a useful meeting place outside the classroom. Images by Chan Hon-Choi.

Stephen Chan (year 2), OpenType font Macau Street Signage, Latin and Chinese bilingual glyphs.

Candy Ao (year 2), OpenType font 澳門出口成衣, and Feng Chengman (also year 2), typeface Gamble!, Latin and Chinese glyphs.

Out on the street with year 3 (photographies by Lanette Lam), sketchbooks by Cheung In Fong (year 3) and others.

Pattern Hotel Lisboa, comprehensive poster 澳門 Macau including elements by all year 3 students.