Typomuzak – Berlinistanbulhongkongshanghaibeijing at the 4th Typojanchi Biennale,
Seoul 2015

香 HEUNG – A Pleading for Visual Dialects and the Power of Local Cultural Diversity
in Hong Kong. Residency project, Hong Kong Baptist University, AVA, 2015

Typotopografie 7 – Shanghai, August Dresesbach Verlag, Munich.
A manazine issue co-curated by a Shanghai Flaneur, 2015

Laowai Sung, a handmade Chinese typeface, 2011–15

Intercultural Typography Works 2002—2013, my first solo show at the
Macao Polytechnic Institute, September 2013

Typografische Monatsblätter (Swiss Typographic Magazine) 4/5/2012,
by the Multilingual Typography Research Group

Multilingual calligraphies for the New City Reader,
Istanbul edition, 2012

Book illustrations: Marcus Hernig, Eine Himmelsreise –
China in sechs Gängen, Die Andere Bibliothek, 2012

Catalogue concept & design: Shanghai (Urban Public) Space,
Jovis, Berlin 2009

Sung New Roman, a Latin typeface made for Chinese typography,

Book concept, text & illustration: HamburgShanghai –
20 Years of City Partnership, 2006

Climate Change Vocabulary, conference notebook, Asia-Europe
Foundation, Singapore & Beijing, 2008

Shanghai Flaneur – a Walking Think Tank on the city
of Shanghai, 2008—

Book concept & illustration: Daole! Arrived!, a German-Chinese
travel initiary, 2005

Art direction: That’s China Magazine, Info Town Media Co.,
Beijing, 2007